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Mobile Banking Security

The mobile version of our online banking service features the same security and encryption measures as the computer version. Therefore, when you use your mobile phone for your daily banking transactions, you are protected with the same technology that is provided for the desktop version and you must bear in mind the same recommendations to protect your security. Besides, Kutxabank does not store your user information in mobile devices and therefore your accounts are not exposed if your mobile phone gets lost or stolen.

Nevertheless, this device has other risks which you must take into account in order to protect yourself. To this end you are advised to check the section "How can you protect yourself?" below.

Below are some recommendations which you should follow in order to minimize the risk of fraud in your mobile device:

  • If you have not done so yet, provide your mobile phone number at any of our branch offices.
  • Use our free app to operate and always download it from trusted sources: App Store for your iPhone ® and iPad ® or Google Play for your Android. You can download it directly from your mobile phone: 
  • Mobile devices are in fact small computers with software which may require updating, just like a PC or a laptop. Make sure they have the latest security protection.
  • Download antivirus protection for your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Avoid rooting your device so as to exceed the limits established by the operator or manufacturer.
  • Be careful with what you download in your device, especially apps. Use trusted application stores only.
  • Do not respond to SMS text messages requesting personal or financial information.
  • Activate our SMS alerts so as to be notified when card purchases exceed the amount you state. In any case, we will let you know when your purchases exceed EUR500.
  • If your phone gets stolen or lost, as a precaution, contact our support phone line 901 33 55 66 and report it. You are also advised to change your password by logging in from a computer. Besides, it is advisable to call your operator to report the incident and block the phone number.
  • For additional protection, most mobile devices offer screen locks or other security parameters.


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