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Service conditions, commissions and fees (maximum rates)

 A book of commission rates, terms and conditions and fees chargeable to clients for transactions in euro, foreign currency transactions, and payment services is available for your reference.


Transactions in euro

Terms and conditions

  • Section 1. Bill payment (taken in negotiation, for payment processing or in compensation) (pdf).
  • Section 2. Return of unpaid or reclaimed bills (pdf).
  • Section 3. Negotiation, compensation and return of cheques and other guaranteed payment documents (pdf).
  • Section 4. Bank and other guarantees ( pdf )
  • Section 5. Loans and credits (pdf).
  • Section 6. Safe deposit boxes and safeguarding other deposits (pdf).
  • Section 7. Transactions with collateral in jewellery and gems and other associated services (pdf).
  • Section 8. Various services provided (pdf).
  • Section 11. Factoring (pdf).
  • Section 12. Leasing (pdf).
  • Section 13. Electronic invoicing (pdf).
  • Section 14. Online banking (pdf).
  • Section 15. Comprehensive payment management (pdf). 
  • Stock market transactions and services ( pdf )


Foreign currency transactions

Terms and conditions

  • Section 51. International bank and other guarantees in euro or foreign currency (pdf).
  • Section 52. Tourism and travelling (pdf).
  • Section 53. International payments (pdf).
  • Section 54. International charges (pdf).
  • Section 55. Various services (pdf).
  • Section 56. Credits and loans in foreign currency and foreign trade financing (pdf).


Payment services

  • Section 81. Bank orders for direct debit charges, transfer of direct debit and returns ( pdf ).
  • Section 82. Salaries, national transfers in euro and other payment orders ( pdf ).
  • Section 83. Credit cards, debit cards and multiple-use cards ( pdf ).
  • Section 84. Account administration, maintenance and overdrafts ( pdf ). 
  • Section 85. Current and savings account ( pdf ).
  • Section 86. Foreign currency transfers and international transfers of funds in euro ( pdf ).
  • Section 87. Multi-bank cash concentration ( pdf ). 

 Valuation Standards 


You can use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print the information in PDF format. You can get it free by clicking here Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

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