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Reporting card loss or fraud

  • If your card has been stolen, you have lost it or you have noticed a suspicious transaction phone 900 44 55 66 immediately to block your Kutxabank card.

    Blockable now via our online banking system

  • When your card expires, we will send you a new one. If you do not receive the replacement card by the expiration date displayed on your current card, please contact us on the number 900 44 55 66. 


  • If you have received an email or an SMS which seems to have been sent by Kutxabank and is aimed at making you download malware or disclose confidential banking information, please phone [[[1306403086659;Telefono banca por telefono]]] or forward the email to

  • If you have lost your Code Card or you have noticed a suspicious transaction phone 901 33 55 66 to block it.


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